Espousing the benefits of BMW’s xDrive variable four-wheel drive with a global integrated campaign for the winter season.

The X + Y =

Combining intelligent torque allocation with a commanding campaign, we secured BMW’s global dominance for the winter season.

Agency: FCB Inferno.

Campaign Strategy

Magnetic pulling power.

I partnered with FCB Inferno on a global campaign for BMW’s X5 xDrive, accentuating its superior all-wheel drive technology as an emblem of unparalleled driving dominance.


FCB Inferno’s campaign for xDrive, titled ‘Magnets’, led to a significant increase in traffic to the xDrive page on BMW’s website and a substantial boost in awareness. Subsequently, BMW assigned the agency the task of creating its global BMW X5 xDrive campaign for the winter season. The global integrated campaign unfolded across several key markets, featuring a comprehensive approach across TVC, digital, retailer, CRM, and social. FCB Inferno CEO Frazer Gibney, commenting on the announcement, said: “This win follows our successes for BMW in the UK market. We’re thrilled to extend our relationship with the global team in Munich and delighted to raise awareness of BMW’s superb All Wheel Drive technology.”

We used intelligent torque allocation to campaign the an unmatched confidence.

Essentially, the xDrive technology intelligently fire surplus torque, re-alocating it between the front and rear axles. This mechanism ensures optimal power distribution, which enhances traction and stability under various driving conditions. Unlike other all-wheel-drive systems, the xDrive is fully variable, capable of redirecting almost all power from one axle to another, thus ensuring a seamless blend of agility, efficiency, and performance.

The campaign positioned the X5 and its underlying technology as a paragon of road mastery, with each image demonstrating the driver’s command over various landscapes. It presents a message of empowerment, positioning the X5 not just as a car but as a symbol of authority, its subtle yet commanding presence signifying control.


This creative work showcased the synergy between driver and machine, epitomised by the xDrive’s sophisticated torque allocation and dynamic power distribution. It illustrates that the technology is more than a mere feature; it’s the bedrock of a transformed driving experience. At its core, the campaign embodies navigational supremacy, showcasing BMW engineering’s expertise and guaranteeing stability and confidence with every manoeuvre.