Inspiring ocean guardianship with ECONYL and Speedo.

The X + Y =

Leveraging ECONYL® technology, Speedo’s reputable brand, and a powerful environmental message, we engaged a new generation eager to support ocean preservation efforts. 

Agency: Pentland Brands

Campaign Strategy

Creative Exploration

Reframing ocean waste.

Pentland Brands creative agency was tasked with campaigning the new ECONYL® and Speedo brand collaboration. Our brief was to drive awareness amongst a 13-to-18-year-old demographic well known for their fervour and activism, yet often accused of slacktivism. And our goal was to inform the conscious consumer that Speedo is producing eco-friendly products and that they care about saving our oceans. They were the only brand working with ECONYL®, a highly innovative company that brings discarded fishing nets and product scraps into the regeneration cycle. Together, they converted this into high-performance gear.


A new narrative of necessity

The campaign’s core message, anchored in the stark projection that by 2050, oceans will likely harbour more plastic than fish, was compelling. Our campaign idea ‘Let’s start an evolution,’ is a battle cry against ocean waste. It seeks to awaken a sense of urgency by sparking the realisation that the time for passive concern has passed. By presenting a future where oceans are cluttered more with plastic than marine life, the campaign strikes a chord with its audience’s values, nudging them towards action. Fundamentally, it was about shifting young people’s perception of waste. The idea leverages the inherent idealism and connectivity of young people, positioning Speedo as a brand that doesn’t just sell swimwear but sells a vision for the future. By doing so, our call to action aimed to inspire a generation to rise to the challenge and make sustainability not another keyboard conversation, but a lived, breathed, and actionable reality. 



A swell of support.

The campaign’s impact was profound and immediate, amassing over 2 million organic clicks across social platforms. It resonated deeply with four out of five viewers reporting a heightened positive perception of the brand. Testimonials poured in, with consumers lauding Speedo for aligning one of their favourite brands with environmental conservation efforts.

The ECONYL x Speedo collaboration was a testament to the power of innovative thinking and strategic partnerships. It served as a beacon demonstrating that sustainability and performance are not mutually exclusive but are, in fact, complementary forces driving the future of swimming gear. The initiative not only closed the loop on ocean waste but also opened a new chapter in sustainable fashion, one where every stitch is a step towards saving our oceans.